Should I Get Another Domain or Should I Put It In Subdomain?

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I got this question from Dita on my OBI Membership forum thread. I decided to write a blog post about this because it is a VERY GOOD question as I myself also kept asking that same question before.

And I’m sure a lot of people have that same question too.

I have a site already. I would like to create a membership site linked to that site’s brand. Would you recommend creating a brand new site with a new domain name or could I just create a subdomain of my original site.

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Honestly, I’m not an expert in this but I’ll share with you the stuff I observed successful marketers like Rich Schefren are doing regarding this.

They will have their main site like a blog or company website, e.g.

Then on their blog/main site they have a link to their products information and even the sales copy of that products are in the subdirectory or subdomain. E.g. or

Then each product will have their own domain name. E.g.

I believe that is one way of doing it.

And then there is also …


:) This is my way.

I use my domain,, which is also my blog.

Then whatever products I have, I put it in the subdomain or subdirectory of


The Reasons

1. I don’t have to spend money to buy another domain or hosting package.
2. Branding. People would know those products are mine.
3. Less hassle because I don’t have to remember so many logins or have to go to different accounts for all my products.


The Disadvantage

The URL can be very long for people to type like


The Solution

I go to and get a FREE domain name and redirect that domain name to my product site. E.g.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: One of my subscribers told me that when he used this free domain from, he got a Panda Alert saying that my site contains malware. But if he used my own website link, he didn’t get that alert.

I didn’t get any warning. So, do not use this free domain service as we don’t know what kind of freaky things it’s doing.

I’m very grateful to Robert Eby for informing this alert. Thanks again Robert.

Or if you’re not broke, you can buy a domain name and just redirect it to your product subdomain or subdirectory.

I think it’s up to you which way you’d prefer.

My “Broke Engineer” Way works for me as it keeps my business going, instead of waiting to have money to get a new hosting or domain name.

I operate with the following principle…

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Wherever You Are.

Plus my main marketing channel is my blog anyway and I’m building my brand as people would keep on seeing Chetz Togom in the URL hehehehe…

Hope this answer your question Dita.

Have a Super Duper Awesome Day!

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  • The Great Gordino

    I think it also depends how you are getting your traffic. If it’s personal trust/relationship traffic, then it doesn’t matter what the url is.

    If it’s paid traffic it might matter more, but I’m always of the opinion that if someone isn’t going to click due to the domain name, they are not going to buy either!

    Cheers, Gordon

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