My Money Making Project Progress

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Just want to share some updates about my Making Money Online Project and stuff I found recently.

Yesterday I just released my OBI Blueprint Training Course and my unplanned The OBI Academy Membership site.

I made one sale of the OBI Blueprint (woohooo!!!). Thanks Marcia Lim if you’re reading this.

So today I celebrated it with my dogs by giving them some cheese biscuits and as usual the ate it like a beast!

Now I’m working on getting traffic to The OBI Academy. I’m testing (aff link) where you can buy 1000 impressions for only a dollar (minimum 5000 to buy). I found out about from Chris Munch.

I bought 5k impressions and spread it through 5 days (1k/day). So far I got 2 new subscribers to OBI Academy from this.

But I think I need to optimize my squeeze page. I will work on that after I finish my OBI Membership Site Creation Tutorial which will be my second WSO.

I completed the checklist and slides for this tutorial and now I’m actually waiting for the first video tutorial to be uploaded to my computer. I thought while waiting, I should just write a blog post.

My plan is to complete the video tutorials by today and launch it ASAP.

Since I joined Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge and Operation WSO, I learned that you need to “JUST DO IT” and not think too much.

I believe the problem with lots of us is we think too much and thus delay launching our products or even just to start a project.

We doubt ourselves and we have all these “what if” questions which most of the time we can only get the answers after we did the things we supposed to.

With the good comments and reviews from my first WSO, I’m really excited with the second because I will give more value to my customers since now I have more of my own products to offer.

Ok. My video already uploaded.

Speak soon!

Chetz Togom


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About Chetz Togom

I'm a lover, an engineer and entrepreneur. I'm crazy about my partner and best friend and my 8 dogs. Whatever I do they are the first thing in mind. This is why I do what I do. Being an engineer is awesome but even if I become the CEO of a company that is not mine, the fact is my salary won't be enough to have a life I dream of with my family. That's is why I also work on my online business. It took me a long time to find a system that would really help ANYONE who wants to make money online. It's kinda a miracle because I found it when I was really at the bottom of my life's journey. If you have question about the system I'm using right now to make money online, do email me or message me on FB
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  1. Hey, Chetz is on fire! ;-)

    Hope you are able to keep up with your pace as I know this will bring huge results for you my man.

    All the best and good luck with the rest of the course creation! ;-)


  2. Go girl! Conquer the world… :) We’re behind yah!

  3. Maria, don’t be behind me! Come beside me!!!

    Let’s conquer together!!!!! :)


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