How To Create Image Sales Copy for Warrior Forum WSO

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Hey there,

Just want to share with you how I create my image sales copy for warrior forum wso (warrior special offers).

I use a free online image editing tool,

There are actually other free tools like or that you can use, but I kinda like picmonkey because the selections of their fonts and it’s simple and easy to use.

You can download the background image (background color #F5F5F5) that I use here…
Download background image

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  1. PicMonkey is a great tool! Thanks for sharing that.

    Also, for more experienced users that need a Photoshop-like free online tool I recommend this: – it is also available as an Ipad app.

    • Hi Sorina,

      Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try it out for photo editing.

      I’m trying to find application where I can take out the background, too lazy to download GIMP as I don’t want to add more file to my hard drive ehehehe.

      Thanks again!


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