Hi! I’m Chetz. This blog is about my life’s journey, what I learn along the way. What you’ll see most here revolves around HAPPINESS, stuff that makes me happy which mostly learning how this life works (spirituality, law of attraction), dogs and guitar chords.

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Beasty Engineering


My main mission is to share my knowledge and experiences about life which I learned from the beasts (animals of this world) especially from dogs. Most of us have been programmed that animals are bad by comparing humans bad behaviors to animals. Like here people would call a bad person  an “anjing” (dog). But now that I know dogs, I’m flattered if someone calls me “anjing”.


My favorite teachers and their teachings that have made a big impact in my life. Go >>


Download 16 premises I learned from the beasts about living a happy life. Go >>


I’m working on a program to help those who want to achieve their lives’ goals joyfully. This course will be available at my Engineering Reality School soon.

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